I am a divorced single mother of three who still believes things are never as bad as they seem. It’s not about how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up.

I will not punish myself for the same mistake over and over. I am human, I am allowed a few flaws.

I meditate and I pray. I make conscious decisions to forgive even when those I love spitefully hurt me and want to see me suffer. I’ve learned people wanting to see you suffer is an unfortunately a part of many of our lives. It is not special or unique to anyone.

I believe some of us have a significantly tougher time on this earth partly because of our decisions and partly because we were chosen. Our pain and suffering is inevitable. We are special. We are light.

I have had some bone crushing experiences that broke my heart and spirit but I continue to get up every day. Bones crushed and spirit fragile, I put myself back together again with masking tape. When I run out of masking tape, I use gorilla glue. And, when that no longer holds, I lie in bed, wrap myself in my own arms and hold myself together until my heart and spirit mends. I am Resilient. I am loved. Despite what it looks like, I am never alone.

I finished my Masters degree at age 39 while working full-time and taking care of two girls without physical or financial help from their father. I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I am grateful for the life I have.

I cannot be broken.


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